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Those who can't think of the sea far from the sunny beaches of southern France or Spain do not know what they're missing. Of course the North Sea and English Channel does not offer the same advantages as the Mediterranean climate, but who knows override a priori will discover breathtaking cliffs, towns full of history and lush landscapes. The coastline is divided in sumptuous sites such as Caps Blanc Nez and Gris Nez, the vertiginous chalk cliffs of Etretat or the bay of Mont St Michel.

All along this coastline you'll find charming resorts of 19th century elegance such as Deauville, Honfleur and Dieppe, towns that influenced the Impressionists painters, especially Monet. Along the shores of the Channel, history plays an important role with the landing beaches in Normandy where the Allies arrived on D-Day, Bayeux and its tapestry that tells us the invasion of England by William the Conqueror or still Eperlecques and blockhouse that hosted the V2 base during World War II. And of course the Mont St Michel, Gothic marvel of medieval French.

Nature is not left behind as the Bay of Somme and Marquenterre park are a favorite destination for lovers of birdwatching and Nausicaa, in Boulogne, is a fantastic museum dedicated to world sea. Campsites are numerous the along the coast and let you discover the most beautiful sites in the Channel, beaches, small fishing ports or historical places.

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Few miles away from campsites of the Manche coast, visit Amiens and its cathedral


Amiens lies back from the shores of the Channel and the vast sandy beaches of Picardy. Whether you stay in a campsite in Picardy or in a campsite on the Channel, [...]




Baie de Somme



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C'est Si Bon Château des Tilleuls

Region : Manche


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La Bien Assise

Region : Manche



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