Burgundy, Jura and Vosges

Camping in the region, Burgundy, Jura and Vosges

From the Northern borders of the Vosges to eastern Jura lies a vast region stretching from Luxembourg to the Swiss border. Through these vast areas, we find a great variety of landscapes ranging from gently undulating plains of Burgundy, which eventually turn into low mountains in the Morvan Regional Park to the green mountains of the Jura colored with emerald lakes and through the Vosges moutains which are covered with snow at winter time.

With the wine first. Chablis, in the neighborhood of Auxerre to the vineyards that produce the "yellow" wine from the Jura through the prestigious Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits prestigious appellations, grapes is an essential part of the landscapes and daily life. In the Vosges, wine is never far as you just need to pass the moutain to arrive in the Alsace vineyard. But the taste of the good things is not limited to wine. Cheeses from the Jura (Comté, Morbier) or Burgundy (Epoisse), as well as regional specialties such as chicken from Bresse, Charolais beef or Morteau sausages are just some of the tasty treasures one can find.

Conducive to hiking or biking with their green landscapes, Burgundy, Vosges Jura also seduce lovers of culture with famous sites such as the Hospices de Beaune, Dijon, Cluny Abbey, the Abbey of Tournus, Baume Les Messieurs or Vezelay. Take time to stop on campsites in Burgundy or the Jura and let yourself be seduced by a delicious lifestyle and a rich heritage. Especially since the owners of the campsites will wisely advise you if you want to taste a wine from Burgundy or the Jura directly from the winegrower.

This area is also perfect for the sport lovers. Vosges and Jura, with their lakes ( Calin and Vouglans in Jura and Gérardmer or Longemer in the Vosges ) are ideal for watersports or swimming. Their waterfalls (i.e : The Tendon in the Vosges or The Hérisson Waterfalls in Jura ) are perfect spots for a nice walk.

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Discover Alsace while you're camping


Alsace and Vosges mountains are separated by very few kilometers. From your campsite in teh Vosges area, you can easily drive to this region and discover one the most beautiful and most authentic area of France. Alsace stretches from North to South. On the East, the German border, and on [...]

The Vosges, an unspoiled area for camping holidays


What better way to go camping than a very nature area with unspoiled ladnscapes ?
Vosges have it all. Mountains covered with forests and dotted with lakes, Vosges seduce lovers of nature and outdoor sports. Of course, it is possible to go hiking in the mountain. Sites like Hohneck bteween the [...]

Enjoy hiking durong your holidays on a campsite in the Morvan


Le Morvan est une région à part en Bourgogne. A l'écart des vignobles et des plaines voisines vouées à l'élevage ou à la culture, cette région de basse montagne est aujourd'hui préservée par le parc naturel régional du Morvan. Ses paysages ondulés, composée de forêts denses que ponctuent des lacs, [...]

During your stay on a campsite in Burgundy, enjoy a visit of Beaune and its famous Hospices


If one city has contributed a great deal to Burgundy’s prestigious reputation, it is Beaune. OK, Dijon is the indisputable capital of the region, but Beaune has to be given credits for being Burgundy’s wine capital. The smallish city only counts approx. 35.000 inhabitants and is [...]

During your stay on a campsite in the Jura, take the time to discover Baume-les-Messieurs village


Baume-les-Messieurs is an exceptionnal place. Because of its wonderful setting but also because of its rich architectural heritage. Nested in the heart of a typical "reculée" of the Jura, made by 3 collapsed valleys, this village, classified as one the most beautiful village of France, is surrounded by impressing cliffs [...]

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Domaine des messires

Region : Burgundy, Jura and Vosges


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C'est Si Bon Pont de Bourgogne

Region : Burgundy, Jura and Vosges


Bois Guillaume

Region : Burgundy, Jura and Vosges


Lac de Panthier

Region : Burgundy, Jura and Vosges


  Camping ****
La Grappe Fleurie

Region : Burgundy, Jura and Vosges



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