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The Ardèche is known for its stone landscapes where water has carved gorges and magnificent canyons. The Ardèche gorges are obviously the most iconic. The river drew a deep trench surrounded by high rocky cliffs. These gorges start at Vallon Pont d'Arc, real stone arch with monumental proportions which spans the Ardeche, and tack to St. Martin d'Ardèche. From its heights, they are superb views that can be reached by hikers even if it is the canoe that is the queen activity on this river. While driving on Ardeche's road, medieval villages with authentic charm are revealed on the banks of rivers and clinging to rocky peaks. During the summer, the markets give life to these villages, many of which are ranked among the most beautiful villages in France: Largentière, Balazuc, Joyeuse, etc.

In its northern half, Ardèche appears greener. From Privas until Haute Loire, Ardeche becomes green and nature expresses itself freely through woods and forests, lakes and rivers or rounded mountains sometimes exceeding 1300 meters above sea level. Gerbier de Jonc Mount, where the Loire takes its source, is especially an invitation to hike and offers a breath of fresh air.

But beyond its unspoiled landscapes, the Ardèche is also expressed with underground caves and especially the Chauvet Cave. This cave located near Pont d'Arc is a Mecca of cave art in Europe.

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Pont d'Arc


The Pont d’Arc is a famous site of the Ardèche, offering access to the Gorges de l'Ardèche. This natural arch, hollowed out for thousands of years by the river, is impressive for its exceptional dimensions. It rises for more than 30 metres, forming a bridge over the Ardèche river. At [...]

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Domaine des Chênes

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C'est si bon Ardèche Camping

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