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Join a cruise for Fort Boyart during your holidays on a campsite in the regionCharente-Maritime

The Fort Boyart is a surprising place. Right in the middle between the islands of Aix and Oléron, this stone vessel stands in the middle of the ocean.

Constructed to reinforce the defense system built on the shores and the islands of Charente Maritime and to defend the access to the Charente river from the engmlish battle ships. The construction lasted 30 years, 20 only for the foundations. The building has been very difficult with storms and attacks from English ships. It has been finished in 1859.

The shape of the Fort makes us think of a stone vessel. Especially with its holes on the sides to fire the naval guns. Unfortunately, the improvments in the artillery science were faster than the building of the Fort and it was useless before it was finished. It became a jailhouse and then was abandonned. It remained nonetheless a real pride of the french architecture and it has been presented during the universal exhibition of 1867.

You can't visit Fort Boyart but cruises are organised from La Rochelle to see the Fort from very close. So take a chance during your holidays on a campiste in Charente Maritime to discover the impressing building.

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