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Saint-Malo, forever connected to sailing adventurers and corsairs, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns of Brittany. When discovering the high ramparts of stone and the muddle of cobblestoned alleyways, it is hard to believe the town was mostly erased by the bombing of WWII. Still, thanks to impressive restoration works, the town has found back its former glory. Visitors ignoring the damage done to the town during WWII would truly feel surrounded by buildings dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. Constructors of elegant buildings and the architect Vauban left the town some imposing fortifications. To explore the town, the 1754 metres long wall walk offers some lovely viewpoints on Saint-Malo and the coast of Brittany. At the wall’s foot, between the narrow and cobblestoned streets, you’ll be plunging into the town’s history and you’ll be discovering statues of its famous personalities like Robert Surcouf, a famous corsair of the King during the 18th century. The town can also be admired from the other side of the walls, and particularly from the Grand Bé, an island facing Saint-Malo. At low tide, it is accessible on foot. Besides the historical heritage of Saint-Malo, you can also visit the Grand Aquarium, housing fish from all over the world.

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