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The Vosges, an unspoiled area for camping holidays in the regionBurgundy, Jura and Vosges

What better way to go camping than a very nature area with unspoiled ladnscapes ?
Vosges have it all. Mountains covered with forests and dotted with lakes, Vosges seduce lovers of nature and outdoor sports. Of course, it is possible to go hiking in the mountain. Sites like Hohneck bteween the Vosges and Alsace, the famous balloons or the Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges, the most famous is the Ballon d'Alsace, are sites for hiking with stunning views of the Vosges at the West, and Alsace at the East. In winter, these mountains are covered with snow and open their slopes to skiers and alpine skiers. The most famous resorts are probably Gerardmer and La Bresse.
Water plays an essential role in the Vosges. The mountain is dotted with lakes with pure water, the most famous are Gerardmer Lake and Longemer Lake. Both are lined beach where you can come to bath and offer water sports such as sailing or boat. However, water in the Vosges is not confined to the lakes. You can go canoeing on rivers and, hidden in the forest, waterfalls provide beautiful scenery for hiking. Especially the cascade of Tendon is the longest waterfall des Vosges. To get the best preserved landscapes of the Vosges, nothing better than to go on vacation on one of the campsites of the area.

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