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Montélimar, a tasty visit of the Nougat capital during your holiday on a campsite in the Drome in the regionAlpes

The town of Montelimar, stretching between Ardèche and Drôme, is famous for its delicious nougat which it has made a specialty due to its strategic position between two regions which produce honey and almond, basic products for nougat. If you camp on a campsite in Ardèche or on a campsite in Drôme, Montelimar awaits you in the Rhône Valley to let you taste its delicious specialties by visiting a factory nougats.

However, the town that nestles between the Drôme and the Ardèche in the Rhone Valley, has many other advantages that its nougat. Town on the Provence border, Montelimar has the vast semi-pedestrian streets sheltered by trees where you'll enjoy to come and sit on the terrace in full freshness. The market square, where markets take place on Wednesday and Saturday morning, offers colorful facades and arcades of the 16th century. The Chateau des Adhemar, a rare example of residential palace from the Romanesque period, built in the 12th century and transformed into a citadel in the 16th century. Every summer, the castle is the site of exhibitions dedicated to famous artists (Miro, Chagall, Giacometti, etc..). We can complete the walk in the streets of the city by a visit to the museum of the miniature. This museum was born following the success of the international festival of the miniature is housed in the former Hotel Dieu and has collections relating to the miniature, including some surprising micro-miniatures presented through magnifiers.

As soon as you take the road from your campsite in Ardèche or from your campsite in Drôme, take the chance, once you're in Montelimar, to enjoy a circuit in the Drôme Provençal landscapes that hover between the olive and the Tricastin vine slopes, visit Grignan and its castle,  Nyons and its museum of olive and discover the perched village of Poet-Laval.

Do not miss during your vacation Drome and Ardeche to visit Montelimar and its area. For more information on Montelimar and to find and tour suggestions: www.montelimar-tourisme.com

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